Kudra’s music has never wavered from expression of extreme emotion despite its complex progressive leanings. Odd times signatures and exotic modes blend seamlessly with more conventional song writing and consummate musicianship. The combination paints a canvas in striking hues that grabs the listener, but the effect is expression not shock. The polyrythms, unusual modality and rhythmic regressions serve to create more striking phrases rather than to simply showcase technical skill. All the while the balance of good songwriting is never lost in the mix.
    Kudra’s line up is as diverse as the music they create. Newcomer Randy Kerinan is on vocals and rhythm guitar. A relative unknown on the scene he is sure to make a name for himself as Kudra’s front man. Ex-misconception drummer Justin Piccirillo plays kit in Kudra. Aside from rock drumming, Justin is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in traditional eastern and Indian music. He has toured nationally in his eastern music ensemble The Sa-Reel Project and been written up in modern drummer. Both Justin and Joe Pisko are university trained in music. Joe has studied both classical guitar and composition in school, but he has always had rock closest to his heart. His tasteful lead playing and phrasing are testaments to his classical training. Mike Bibeau assumes the bass duties in the band. His unusual bass lines reflect his eclectic influences. But much like the rest of Kudra’s music, while familiar, they are difficult to pin down or describe.
    Kudra's music has been played on nearly one hundred college an commercial radio stations with chart performance into the top tens on some college stations. Their tracks have been included on a number of compilations including Oasis's and Onstage Magazine's that had a circulation of more than 20,000 during it's first issue. The band and it's member have been nominated for Hartford Advocate reader's poll as well as The Stage's best of the year award. It's no wonder that the band has received A&R interest.
    Aside from the national college radio station and retail outlet promotion campaign and the obligatory music conference innovations, Kudra continues to receive plenty of press and has played far too many gigs in it’s five year history to list. With a new album recently recorded and more music on the way, expect to hear more about this band soon.